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Hello World

Hi everybody. After having opened my photography website a couple of weeks ago, this is the first time i try to write something that might be read by someone. Really, it is a chilling feeling… Not a very long time ago, i could not understand why people would spend their time writting in blogs. Now I do. Since the opening of my new website of photography, i have discovered the joy of sharing my passion with others. And this passion would not be shared completely by only displaying photos.

Photography is a wonderful experience, incredibly rewarding and in fact you could even consider it as a life philosopy or life style. However, mastering it is like counting all stars in the sky…you know you will never do. And that is the best thing of it. The sky is the limit, and during that learning process you must savour the moment, the joy and the challenge that is going out there to capture a piece of magic, to attend to that always new spectacle that Nature gives for free every day.

But these nice words are sometimes difficult to be put in practice. Photography is a mixture of technical and artistic craft, and a deep knowledge of the subject you intend to capture…And this asks for a strong learning process. How do you learn? By making mistakes. They say that the sooner you make mistakes, the quicker you will learn, and the more mistakes you make, the more you will know. Some people call this “experience”. Of course, nothing will be comparable to experiencing a “failure” by yourself, but in order to boost the process, it is quite interesting to take a look at others. Read books, talk with other photographers, read blogs and try to analyze every single picture you come across, trying to imagine what was put together to produce such a shot. And the most important thing, keep your faith and be perseverant, with the conviction that one day (closer than you think), you too will be able to produce one of those masterpieces photos you dream of.

From now on, I will try to share with you my thoughts about photography, about technique, about the artistic side of it, about the funny thing of travelling with 20 kg in you back, about Nature and about some other things. Do not expect i will talk about football, Obama or the war in Irak, though. Whoever you are, thanks for reading and see you around ;)


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