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Well, these last days we have been hit by a massive amount of white stuff here in Europe…even Spain had its dose! Here in Switzerland, we got the magic white right down till the plain level, and it was time to run with the camera in hand. As always when trying to take advantage of all the natural joys, timing is everything. As soon as the snow started falling and as everyone was hiding in their homes, we hit the road (and skid it, by the way, in some places) and headed to the Jura mountains. It is always magic to see how the snow can totally transform a place. God created snow for the pure joy of photographers…then skiers tagged along. Snow simplifies the landscape, adds mood, acts as a reflector, covers clutter and transform a banal place into a winter wonderland. However, the gift comes also with some demands. As nice as snow can be, the photographer has a sizeable job in finding interesting compositions, forms and shapes, textures and a good sense of depth in what otherwise would translate into a totally flat blank expanse of white limbo.

While in the Jura region, we visited a turf lake which is in the area. One of the great things of these lakes is the reddish tint of their waters. As the sun rays bounce into the waters, you might think the lake is a giant cauldron with caramel or syrup in it. As winter comes, the waters start freezing, and later on the snow covers the lake. However, in the process, fantastic patterns are created as some areas of water show its colour through the thin layer of ice, and snow totally covers the rest. The contrast between the warm tints of the water and the blue of the ice and snow is fantastic. Add a good composition with an interesting geometrical design in the foreground and a sky mimicking the shapes and textures of the land and you have good chances of getting a great image. This was the case of the image I show today…a sympony of shapes, patterns, balance and winter mood. A serene image which takes us to the quietness of a winter evening. There is even a mysterious touch to the image…whose are those footprints crossing the image?

Thanks for reading, and great winter light to you all,

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Well, as fast as it came, autumn has passed away…giving its way to the magic mystery of winter. The great feast of colour and mood of autumn is always a big rush in the annual cycle of the nature photographer. Leaves turning to incredible colours, the first snow dusting the mountains and the misty quality of the atmosphere always produce a burst of adrenaline in our blood. This year, as usual, the season turned out to be quite busy photographically speaking… even if as always, by the end of it I had the strange feeling it has passed just way too quick…

Here there is an image which cries autumn really out loud. The Unesco listed area of Lavaux, by the shore of the lake Geneva, turns to incredible colours by the very end of the autumn season. Give it some nice cloud formations and a cloudy horizon at the west with a tiny window where the sun can peek, and the incredible warm light colour of the last rays of the sun will increase the richness of the leafs, turning the landscape into an unbelievable mixture of warm vs cool tones. As always, a good composition is paramount for making a strong and effective panoramic photograph…and not just a mere panorama, obtaining a well balanced composition with rythm and movement from one side to the other, while keeping a well defined focal point… Autumn in Lavaux, in all its glory.

Thanks for reading and great light to you all ;-) 

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Hello all. This weekend is going to be busy. I will be opening the exhibition “La Magie de l’Eau” at Gallery Bolena, Dijon and then I will be signing the new book “Bouts de Planete – Visions of Earth” at the nature photography festival of Montier-en-Der. This festival, with 14 years under its belt, has become the most important nature photography festival in France. With thousands of visitors and some of the best international nature photographers, it is real must for those who display a certain interest in nature photography. If you happen to be around, look for us at the library stand, we would be really happy to deliver you a copy of our book specialy signed and dedicated for you! Of course, we can have a chat too…no need to buy anything at all…talking to fellow photographers is always a pure delight! See you there maybe and have a great light! ;-)

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Everything is prepared for my new photographic exhibition in the Art Gallery “Espace Bolena”, in the city center of Dijon, France, which will be held from the 19th November 2010 till the 14th January 2011.

Under the title “The Magic of Water“, several of my large format limited edition prints will be exhibited.  I will be present during the opening of the exhibition, next 19th of November from 18:30 hours. Some copies of my new book will also be available, signed and dedicated to those interested…

I would love to see you there!

Take care and great light to you all,

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Hello all! Now it is real, our new and first book from the photography group “Bouts de Planète” is out there, being sold at your favourite book store (if you live in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland), and online at amazon.

I just received some copies in French and English from the Editor Altus a couple of days ago, and it really looks fantastic. This is one of the first books made on totally 100% recycled couché paper…and the quality is just top notch. If you are interested in having a copy signed and dedicated from this humble photographer, just le me know and I will be very happy to send you a copy for 38 euros + shipping…For the time being, the book has been a total success…copies are selling fast! As it is, several buyers have already told us about how nice it is for a Xmas gift…;-)

For those attending the next Nature Photography at Montier-en-Der (France), we will be signing books at the book store on saturday the 20th of November…If you are around, just drop by and we will have a chat!

Great light to you all!

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Sorry for the silence…Working like mad for some new projects + autumn colours around = Hectic times…

Meanwhile, here there is something to bring a big LOL… which reflects so well what we photographers tend to feel VERY often…! :)

Take a look at http://www.whattheduck.com/ for some others! But be careful…it is highly addictive! ;-)

Take care and great light to you all!

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