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Hi all!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that our new book NATURA has been released. This is the first book of the photography group “Portfolio Natural“, to which I proudly belong.

NATURA is a massive superior quality coffee table book of 252 pages, full of some of the best photographs of the group Portfolio Natural.

Portfolio Natural is a photography group which counts with some of the best award winning nature photographers in Spain, and was created years ago as a way to promote Nature Photography as an art form. This new book shows a compilation of some of the most representative images of the group, covering a wide range of creative approaches and showing images with a style of almost pictorial quality. Abstracts, rocks, water, movement, graphic simplicity, colours, textures, wildlife, landscapes, light, etc. are photographed in surprising and original ways.

The book is available only in French (however the amount of text is very limited…and photographs speak for themselves), and can be ordered directly from the editor Altus Editions or in Amazon.

If you are interested in having a copy signed by me, let me know and it will be with great pleasure that we will send them to you.

If you will attend the French Nature Photography Festival of Montier-en-Der this year, you will find us there signing the book. Portfolio Natural will also be the “Honoured Foreign Group” invited to the Festival and some of the images shown in the book will be displayed for all to see. It would be really great to see you there!

Dont hesitate to let us know what you think about the book. You, the reader, are the only reason we made it!

Great light to you all,


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The book of the Earth

Some of you might know. Before becoming a full professional nature and landscape photographer I went through a whole career as geotechnical engineer and researcher at the University in the field of geomechanics…Sounds weird? Well, not really. After some sessions of self-psychoanalysis, I came to the conclusion that the same force which pushed me to study the science of nature is the one which engines my will to capture in my images the magic of this World, its energy, its dynamics and its relationships. I have always felt lured by the immensity of the universe, the sheer mystery from which we just get to see the tip of the iceberg and the fact we live in a totally dynamic system which never stops changing.

Landscape photography puts me in that context, makes myself aware than nothing remains the same and makes me feel alive and part of that system. Weather, tides, geology, astronomy, wildlife, the action of human beings, light, optical phenomena, the immensity of a starry sky, the pass of time only frozen in an image…all these elements are some of the everyday ingredients in my work as a nature photographer…and turn that work into much more than a mere observation of the world passing by. There is that intention of knowing, of understanding, and of interpreting what I see and feel. I feel that science and photography, in a way, provide similar possibilities, with maybe the difference photography puts me in the middle of the action and calls for subjectivity and self-expression, instead of objectivity and pure impartial interpretation. This is why, in a way, the same inner passion called me in two different ways…

Why did I tackle this subject? Well, yesterday night I watched a really good documentary, related to the geological past of our Planet, and how that past is visible in our present and can help us understand the future of that complex and living system we call Planet Earth. In a way, this documentary made me think again of all these connections between science and nature photography. On the documentary, I could listen to a fantastic story being told around some of the most photogenic parts of the Basque Country, in northern Spain. Many of my spanish photographer colleagues have photographed in exquisite ways that part of the coast, and so I already knew it to be a quite special shore,…but after watching the documentary i realized it is quite unique really. This is no surprise… unique things often tend to be unique in many different fronts, and this coast not only homes some of the most photogenic and graphic features of all shores, but also a hidden story or geological book where every page shows millions of years in our history. A book I invite you to decipher…

Here there is the link of the documentary….(Just in Spanish!). Really good job, from Alberto Gorritiberea y Asier Hilario.


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Hello all. This weekend is going to be busy. I will be opening the exhibition “La Magie de l’Eau” at Gallery Bolena, Dijon and then I will be signing the new book “Bouts de Planete – Visions of Earth” at the nature photography festival of Montier-en-Der. This festival, with 14 years under its belt, has become the most important nature photography festival in France. With thousands of visitors and some of the best international nature photographers, it is real must for those who display a certain interest in nature photography. If you happen to be around, look for us at the library stand, we would be really happy to deliver you a copy of our book specialy signed and dedicated for you! Of course, we can have a chat too…no need to buy anything at all…talking to fellow photographers is always a pure delight! See you there maybe and have a great light! ;-)

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Hello all! Now it is real, our new and first book from the photography group “Bouts de Planète” is out there, being sold at your favourite book store (if you live in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland), and online at amazon.

I just received some copies in French and English from the Editor Altus a couple of days ago, and it really looks fantastic. This is one of the first books made on totally 100% recycled couché paper…and the quality is just top notch. If you are interested in having a copy signed and dedicated from this humble photographer, just le me know and I will be very happy to send you a copy for 38 euros + shipping…For the time being, the book has been a total success…copies are selling fast! As it is, several buyers have already told us about how nice it is for a Xmas gift…;-)

For those attending the next Nature Photography at Montier-en-Der (France), we will be signing books at the book store on saturday the 20th of November…If you are around, just drop by and we will have a chat!

Great light to you all!

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New Book released!

After several months of work, here is the first photographic book from the group “Bouts de Planète” to which I proudly belong, produced by the Editions Altus in France. Some of our best images from all over the world are displayed in the book, featuring foreword from Fréderic Lopez and the first time use on a book of 100% recycled couché paper and completely vegetal inks, with an uncompromised top notch quality.

The book will be available both in English and in French at the end of October, being sold in the best bookstores of France, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg and online from Amazon UK and Amazon France, Editions Altus, BDP site and each of the authors sites. You can of course reserve your copy and get it from Rafael Rojas Photography directly…Just send me an email and it will be a pleasure for me to ship you a copy signed and specially dedicated for you as soon as the book is released in a few weeks!

Make sure you get one or several of the copies reserved for you, Christmas is approaching soon and we expect the books to sold out fast!

French Version of the book "Bouts de Planete"...English version available too!

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