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Hi there!

I apologize  for the long absence from this blog, but the last weeks have been hectic and it seems things are not likely to “improve” in the next 3 or 4…But I could not be happier. After months (even years) of work, three things are about to be launched and by the 15th of July I think I will have made a big step in my professional activity as photographer…

In the meantime, I really wanted to share with you some really great news. On the July issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine (USA), a full article appears devoted to my humble work. It has been quite thrilling to see my name on the cover of that great magazine, open the pages and find a place where I could share with fellow photographers my vision, motivation and thoughts about landscape photography and the life philosophy which comes with it…

I must say that what you will read on the article is a great summing up of the long discussions I had with the great team of OP. Working on that interview made me realize many things I had never had the “time” to consider about my work and myself…Stopping from time to time to put together our work and see what we do, who we are, where we are and where we want to go is crucial for any creative artist, and I think in the future I will start creating “imaginary” interviews with myself. Putting that together into a kind of “artistic log” might be really useful to push forward my vision and my motivations. I know it might sound silly, but I would really urge you to write down a number of questions, as if they were going to be answered by another photographer, and answer them to yourself, in total honesty and sincerity. You will be pleased and surprised with the results…

I hope you will enjoy the article amigos.

See you soon, with quite some news and a fully renewed activity!…But now, I am afraid it is time to enter back again into the cave…

Great light to you all,



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Hi there!

As all nature photographers I guess, I have been really busy taking the most out of the great colors of Autumn. Pre-winter hues are peaking up here in Switzerland and after the larches, it has come the turn to the low land deciduous forests to turn ablaze with golden colors. Mist has come too, and yesterday I enjoyed one of the best mornings in the last months…

Meanwhile, we have also been really busy during the last 9 months preparing another exciting project which will be unveiled soon…If you are a Nature Photographer, stay tuned, there is something HUGE coming in the next weeks!! :)

Otherwise, we have been published on the Spanish online free magazine LNH, with the first part of an article talking about how I see the motivations of becoming a Nature photographer and how the creative process of nature photography takes place. This first part of the article appears on the recently released 3rd issue, and it will conclude in the 4th issue when it is released in 2 months time.

The LNH magazine, bilingual in Spanish and English, was born half a year ago thanks to the work of a group of stunning nature photographers in Spain, and the success has been overwhelming since. After a few weeks, more than 37’000 readers devoured the first number. The number of readers and contributors is growing at an incredible rate, and I am convinced this magazine is destined to become a reference in the world of Nature Photography.

I strongly recommend you to take a look, you will find great inspiration, great images and great photographers there inside…Best of the best in Spain, open to the World. A loudly bravo to all the team of LNH for this work!

Take care you all and I wish you a great end of autumn! ;-)


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Hello all. This weekend is going to be busy. I will be opening the exhibition “La Magie de l’Eau” at Gallery Bolena, Dijon and then I will be signing the new book “Bouts de Planete – Visions of Earth” at the nature photography festival of Montier-en-Der. This festival, with 14 years under its belt, has become the most important nature photography festival in France. With thousands of visitors and some of the best international nature photographers, it is real must for those who display a certain interest in nature photography. If you happen to be around, look for us at the library stand, we would be really happy to deliver you a copy of our book specialy signed and dedicated for you! Of course, we can have a chat too…no need to buy anything at all…talking to fellow photographers is always a pure delight! See you there maybe and have a great light! ;-)

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This month the spanish version of the magazine National Geographic Traveller comes with one of my articles about Namibia (text and images). You will be able to take a look and download the pdf  here (only available in Cervantes’ mother tongue…sorry!).  You will also be able to check the Viajes National Geographic website here

A really dreamy destination, to where I will be offering soon photographic trips for a reduced number of people! More news soon in the new website…, stay tuned!  Great light to you all ;-)

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Hello all! I have written an article about one of the images awarded in the last IPA 2010 awards (wildlife first prize) for the spanish photographic online magazine Fotonatura. In the article I talk about the situation, motivations and process where the winning image was taken…You might be interested in having a read! Just one important thing…the article is in spanish, but Google translator can make wonders!! ;-)

You can find the article here !

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A slideshow from my work has been showcased on the cover of the Online Magazine “Photo Travel Review”. Therefore, one of my images have been selected as image of the month of April in the annual photographic contest  and I have also been showcased as “featured photographer” in the same mag, which is a big honour, as my name is rubbing shoulders there with some of the biggest names of photography that I most respect…Marc Adamus, Darwin Wigget, Mike Anderson…

Photo Travel Review Magazine is the baby of Bill Lockhart, Claire Carter and Melani M, three avid photographers who had the great idea of creating an online magazine focused on travel photography. The popularity of this website has really been skyrocketing in the last years, and its content is updated and widened day by day. Pay them a visit, as they showcase lots of different photographic destinations, with information, suggestions for the photographer, images, slideshows, tips, etc… A great mine of information for those who dream of travelling, and travel to dream. You can also collaborate with your images and writings, so do not think twice if you have a great experience to share with the rest of the audience!

You will find here the links to the Slideshow at the PhotoTravelReview Home page, the Travel Photo of the Year Contest and the Featured Photographers page…Do not forget to turn on the sound for the slideshow, as the music really makes a difference (a man’s dream – Yanni)!

Thanks for reading and great light to you all,

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I am very pleased to announce that I have become one of the collaborators of National Geographic Traveller Spain. Last month of May 2009 one of my images appeared in a travel article about Switzerland, and on the cover article of the March 2010 number I write a whole article about the National Parks in California and the Sierra. This is really great news! You will be able to download the article by clicking on this link. Take care and great light to you all.

Article National Geographic Travel – California – Rafael Rojas

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