We are really glad to announce that our new Photo-Immersion trip Finland, Kingdom of Silence 2014, which will take place from the 9th to the 16th of February 2014 has been published on our website this month and is open for registrations. So far, there are only three places available.

In winter, the boreal forest of the Finnish Lapland becomes a surrea­listic kingdom of silence, where trees turn into sculptures, the sun skims the horizon and the northern lights paint the skies. Nowhere else is winter as magical as here.

Our Photo Immersion trip will coincide with the peak of the auroral activity and with the full moon. During a whole week, we will photograph the otherworldly trees of the boreal forest encrusted with ice and snow, rock canyons, frozen lakes and rivers­ and northern lights in two of the most amazing national parks of the Finnish Lapland.

During the entire week we will be based at our exclusive and comfortable log house, from where we will be able to easily reach all our chosen photographic areas and adapt ourselves to the different weather and light conditions. It will be here too where we will be able to discuss photography in front of a convivial­ log fire in the evenings, and relax in our sauna after a magical day of winter photography.

Join us on this exclusive Photo-Immersion trip to one of the most magical winter wonderlands on Earth, the Finnish Lapland.
A very limited number of places is still available (3 places remaining), for all photographic levels. The official languages for this photo-immersion trip will be English and French.

You will be able to find all the information related to this Photo-Immersion trip, download the full PDF brochure and proceed to the online registration here.

See you under the northern lights!

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Nous sommes vraiment heureux d’annoncer que notre nouveau voyage Photo-Immersion “Finlande, Royaume du Silence 2014», qui aura lieu du 9 au 16 février 2014, a été publié sur notre site internet ce mois de mai et est ouvert aux inscriptions.

En hiver, la forêt boréale de la Laponie finlandaise se transforme en un silencieux royaume surréaliste dans lequel les arbres deviennent sculptures, le soleil effleure l’horizon et les aurores boréales colorent le ciel. Nulle part ailleurs l’hiver n’est aussi magique qu’ici.

Notre voyage aura lieu en coïncidant avec le pic d’activité d’aurores boréales et la pleine lune. Durant une semaine, nous photographierons des arbres surnaturels incrustés de glace et de neige, de gorges rocheuses, de lacs et rivières gelés et d’aurores boréales dans deux des parcs nationaux les plus stupéfiants de Finlande.

Durant toute la semaine, nous serons logés dans une confortable maison en bois de laquelle nous pourrons nous rendre facilement dans tous les endroits à photographier et nous adapter aux différentes conditions météorologiques et de lumière. Nous y tiendrons également nos discussions sur la photographie, en soirée, en face d’un agréable feu de cheminée et pourrons également nous détendre dans notre sauna après une journée magique de photographie hivernale.

Rejoignez-nous pour cet exclusif voyage ‘Photo-Immersion’. Un nombre très limité de places est encore disponible (3 places), pour tous les niveaux photographiques. Les langues officielles pour ce voyage photo-immersion seront le Français et l’Anglais.

Vous pourrez trouver toutes les informations relatives à ce voyage Photo-Immersion, téléchargez la brochure PDF et procéder à l’inscription en ligne ici.

A bientôt sous les lumières du Nord!

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Hi all,

This blog has not been very active lately, as many of you might have seen. The reason is we have been really busy finishing a long 3 year work on our new website, http://www.rafaelrojasphoto.com, which has been finally released.

One of the many new additions to our website has been an integrated blog, which from now on you will find on http://www.rafaelrojasphoto.com/blog/

As a consequence, we will not make more additions to the blog you are reading right now, and all new posts will be published only on http://www.rafaelrojasphoto.com/blog

You will be able to sign up for RSS feeds or for notifications by email from our new blog.

We will be really glad to see you around, and we are really looking forward to your contributions. With the website over, our blog will be updated way more often with new content, photographs and news about my photographic endeavors.

See you and great light to you all! ;-)




A couple of days ago I received some incredible news: I am finalist at the Hasselblad Masters Awards 2014!

This is one of the most renowned photography competitions worldwide, and I could not be happier to be considered as one of the contenders for the prize.

A portfolio of three photographs from my series of giraffes in the night has been selected as one of the 10 finalists in the category wildlife. During the year 2013, the public will take part in the judging process. Finally, the winners will be announced in January 2014.

You can check my candidate portfolio here. If you really like it and think it deserves winning, it would be really appreciated if you can give it a vote! Thanks so much in advance.

Take care and great light to you all ;-)


Finalist "Wildlife"

Finalist “Wildlife”

I am really glad to announce that 2 of my photographs, “Burning Peak” and “A window to spring” have recently got two Highly Commended awards in the Nature’s Best Windland Rice Photography Awards 2012.

The two photographs will be exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, from next June.

Before the storm - Switzerland Burning Peak - Matterhorn, Switzerland


Dear all,

Recently arrived from the outer Hebrides, we are really glad to announce you our next (big) solo photographic exhibition which will take place at the Castle of Chillon, near Montreux, Switzerland, from the 24th of January to the 14th of April 2013. Under the title “The Magic of Water”, around 20 of our large format photographs will be exhibited, many of them never seen before.

An opening event will be held on the Wednesday 23rd of January, starting at 17:30 pm. I will be of course present and eager to meet you all.

For those who would like to attend, you will need to print out and present at the gates the Invitation card which can be downloaded here. It will grant free access to the Castle for 2 people to attend to the event.

We are really looking forward to meeting you there!

Warmest regards,

La magie de l'Eau expo chillon news illustration_big

From here, we would like to wish you some wonderful Christmas and an even better new year 2013 full of dreams come true !

See you soon in a couple of weeks, with many many many exciting news coming !! ;-)

Merry Christmas 2013_Rafael RojasRafael

Bonjour à tous!

Notre nouveau voyage photographique Photo-Immersion vient d’être publié!

“LOFOTEN, COULEURS D’AUTOMNE – 2013” aura lieu du 20 au 28 septembre 2013 dans l’un des endroits les plus photogeniques de la planète, au-delà du cercle arctique.

Vous pourrez télécharger notre brochure PDF magazine-style de 25 pages pleines de photos et de l’information sur ce lien (version anglaise et française disponible):


Rejoignez nous pour cet exclusif voyage Photo Immersion dans l’un des paysages les plus incroyables au monde, les Iles Lofoten, dans le nord de la Norvège. Bien àu-delà du cercle arctique, des hautes crêtes de granit s’élèvent des profondeurs de l’océan tandis que les conditions météo et de lumière subliment le spectaculaire paysage et que les aurores boréales enflamment le ciel nocturne.

Notre voyage Photo Immersion dans cette région coïncidera avec le pic des tonalités automnales et le début de la saison des aurores boréales. En fin septembre, la couleur arrive sur les Lofoten. Les rouges et les oranges inondent les buissons et la mousse, les bouleaux s’illuminent de jaunes éclatants et les premières aurores boréales de l’année sont susceptibles de visiter les cieux.

Ce voyage Photo tout inclus sera personnellement conduit par Rafael Rojas et Anca Minican. Durant 9 jours, nous serons basés dans deux “rorbua”, cabines traditionnelles rénovées, dans le village réputé le plus pittoresque de Norvège, Reine, au centre des îles.

Venez avec nous pour photographier les lumières divines du Valhalla!

Hi there!

We are really glad to announce you our next Photo-Immersion trip “LOFOTEN: AUTUMN MOODS” which will run from the 20th to the 28th of September in 2013.

You will find all the information, photos, and details in our magazine-style 25 pages PDF brochure. It can be donwloaded either in its English or French version here:


Only 6 places are available for this Photo-Immersion trip, so in case you are interested please do it sooner than later, since we expect it to fill in the following days-weeks.

Join us on this exclusive Photo Immersion trip to one of the most incredible landscapes of the world, the Lofoten Islands, in northern Norway. Well within the Arctic Circle, towering granite peaks rise from the depths of the ocean, while the weather and light conditions compliment the dramatic landscape and the northern lights set the night sky ablaze.

Our Photo Immersion trip will coincide with the peak of the autumn hues and the beginning of the northern lights season. In late September, colour arrives at Lofoten. Tones of red and orange clothe the bushes and the moss, birch trees explode in bright yellow and the first strong northern lights are expected to appear in the skies.

This will be an All Inclusive Photo Trip conducted personally by Rafael Rojas and Anca Minican. During 9 days, we will be based at two renovated traditional fishermen huts, in what has been elected the most picturesque village of the whole of Norway, Reine.

We are really looking forward to meeting you and photographing with you the divine lights of the Valhalla!

Rafael and Anca

Hi there!

We would like to let you know that our new photographic Workshops for the year 2013 have just been published on our website.

You will find the whole list of courses available and will be able to download the PDF brochures of each of the workshops (either in French or in English) here:


Feel free to forward this information to those who might be interested! As the number of places is quite reduced, the workshops tend to sold out quite soon.

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you some great light!