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Hi there!

It is amazing the sheer amount of work it takes to prepare a photographic exhibition. Preparing the images, printing, matting, creating the labels, packing everything, placing the fine prints in place, creating a brochure, communicating…Uff! However, once the images are there, all the hassle and effort is quickly forgotten and the huge pleasure of sharing your work with your audience makes it incredibly worth.

The reason I come with this issue is because right now I am finishing the preparations for a new photographic exhibition devoted to our work, which will be held at the Fnac in the center of Lausanne, Switzerland, from tomorrow. During the next two months, some of our best images showcasing landscapes from all over the world will be exposed there. Some 28 small format images will be shown, as well as some large panoramic images framed in Diasec system, where you can almost step into the scene!

If you happen to be around the Lausanne area, you are more than welcome to pay a visit to the exhibition!

Take care and great light to you all ;-)


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Hi there!

Last week I was in Asturias, Spain, paying a visit to my great friends Alister Benn and Juanli Sun. Although the reason for the trip was working on a common project (some really good news coming, stay tuned!), we could squeeze some visits to the dramatic coast of that beautiful region. I would consider the adjective “dramatic” as a kind of euphemism in fact…Stacks, cliffs of more than 70 m, waterfalls, secret places where only a handful of fishermen go and some of the most colourful rocks I have ever seen in my life would really push for further praising in photographic terms…

Following my last post, where an Icelandic Troll caught by the sunrise featured our last webpage update, I am posting here the scientific and photographic proof that there are also Trolls in Spain. Being at the Portizuelo beach by sunset, my rock-mechanics background faded away, and I saw a Troll standing against the cliff, caught again by the sinking sun…A Troll, or should I call it an Asturian sea “Trasgu”?

Some time to process some film exposed there, and some more hours to classify the rest of images…more coming soon, maybe along with some Provençal fields under the summer twilight? ;-)

Thanks for reading and great light to you all ! ;-)


N: Click on the image to see it bigger!

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Hi there! Well, finally, after more than a year without any new image on the website, we finally decided to launch them at once!

Our last images from places as diverse as Iceland, Scotland, Seychelles, France and Switzerland are in the last additions gallery in www.rafaelrojasphoto.com

It was funny to realize that, this time, 2/3 of the images have been made using the 617 film camera, and the rest with the Nikon D3x digital one…

I hope you will enjoy the new images, sharing them is in the end the thing which gives them raison d’ĂȘtre…So take them as they are, a dedication to you, our audience…;-)

After this major update in content, a new surprise is coming in the following months…stay tuned!!

Thanks all for your patience, take care and great light to you all,


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Hello all! Well, it has been a loooong time since my last update of Rafael Rojas Photography website…more than a year in fact! Since turning pro 100%, it is quite ironic to see how the load of work has increased so much that we have not even had time to renew our website! During the last months we have been incredibly busy working and developing our totally new website (to be released in a few months), working on several assignments for some big clients, working on a new book (some more news coming soon) and researching some possibilities for future exhibitions. Wanting to make coincide in time the new major content update with the launch of the new site kept us from renewing our images for a long time. Meanwhile, time has flown, and during this last year several trips have been filling our hard disks with quite a number of new images from Seychelles, Iceland, Scotland, France and Switzerland.

Not wanting to wait anymore, and after some time spent on classifying, post-producing, scanning and working the images, we are about to release a big update of more than 60 totally new images next week. Some of them are right now at the finals of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 and GDT European photographer of the Year 2011…so it made sense unveiling them to the public even before they might get something! :)

For all those asking me about the next update all this time, thanks very much for your patience and waiting…From now on, most of all once the new website is there, things will be done on a more frequent basis!

Take care and great light to you all! ;-)


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